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Have you searched the internet and found out that your power supply can be repaired by replacing a few puffed capacitors? Replacing the capacitors with their tops blown up may bring your power supply back to life. In some cases a power supply with puffed capacitors is the only problem with the television.

Many times capacitors fail with no outwardly visible sign.  At Northway TV & Electronics Repair LLC we have the proper equipment and technical expertise to locate and replace defective capacitors in your power supply out of the set. All capacitors in your power supply will be tested and replaced as needed, not just the ones that have puffed tops!  Boards that require more than 4 replacements will be charged a flat rate of $3.00 for each extra capacitor used in the repair.  Most power supplies do not require more than 4, a few can take as many as 12.

Don’t take a chance on damaging your board, write down the model number that is on the back of your set and bring your power supply to the shop for us to replace defective capacitors at a flat rate.

This offer is ONLY to replace CAPACITORS on a power supply that you remove from the set yourself and bring in to the shop!  This rate DOES NOT apply to any other service or if you bring in your whole set for an estimate.  We can offer no assurances that replacing the capacitors will repair all problems with your television, we only guarantee that parts will be installed correctly without the damage to your power supply that commonly results from people trying to do it themselves with low quality equipment.